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In The Mist Of All The Noise, All The Individually And Simultaneously Moving Bodies Around Them, His Favorite Part Comes On. That Part Of The Song That Gives Him Life. And He Rocks It With A Trembling Body, A Broken Voice, And Water Marks On His Cheeks. His Hands High Up In The Air Almost Believing That This Concert Is Just For Them And No One Else, Screaming Out Word For Word As If His Life Depended On It.
She Doesn’t Get It. She Can’t Understand What’s Going On. But She Can Feel That Healed Heart Breaking Again. It’s Scars Reopening, And Deepening More Than Ever Before. She Senses His Pain And Sadness, And How Badly He Just Wants To Drop Dead.
All Because His Favorite Part To That Atomic Song Came On.
Talk About Being At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time…
Little Scenarios In My Head
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